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Lose this Child by guy ben shetrit

Badge finalist Finalist for The Film Skillet Winter 2012/2013 Animation Contest in Animation - Stop Motion

Sometimes a beach isn't just a beach. As the sun goes down over the ocean, the sand comes to life and takes on the forms of an entire mini eco-system of aquatic life. Sea turtles are born, eels emerge to pursue their prey and Mother Earth orchestrates it all.

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Marcus Bickford almost 6 years ago

This film was strangely emotional despite its short run time. In four minutes I felt a bit of happiness, something like sadness, and a weird, almost nostalgic feeling of youthful hope. Ultimately, the combination of the on screen narrative and song creates something that feels somewhat playful on the surface but eerily soothing deeper down.

My only issue is the "Mother Earth" character. When she first appeared, I assumed she was an incarnation of the lead singer in what must be a music video. However, as the film went on, she existed only as a break from the main narrative, seemingly like an independent side story. It wasn't until reading the description of the film afterward that I understood what her part in the film was intended to be. Yet, even with that, I think Mother Earth would be better served to be introduced earlier and interwoven into the main story or eliminated altogether.

In the end, the film was very creatively done and I definitely enjoyed both the visual qualities and the emotions it brought forth. I give it 4/5.

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waylon kraft almost 6 years ago

I thought it was very creative and awesome, don't call me stupid, but i didn't get the whole mudusa face thing.


Riley Bentley almost 6 years ago

I loved it. I don't know if my volume is messed up because I didn't hear any music or words, but I didn't even have to, to know what it was about. Great job!

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Laura Mendoza almost 6 years ago

I found this short clip very interesting and somehow emotional. Relating it to real life situations reflected into a simple animated sandy animal....what I see is how we are all on our own and no matter of the bumps note road we may encounter, at the end it's us who make important decisions....always remembering where we came from and what inspired us the most...

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Jeremy Norris almost 6 years ago

I love this film. Great use of sand for stop motion.


D. Inman-Zadeh about 6 years ago

Sand is an interesting means of expression; however, it fits perfectly with the story. I found the music relaxing with undertones of sadness making it a perfect accompaniment bringing the whole story together nicely.


patrick norris about 6 years ago

This is really cool work!!! check it out!