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Calvaire Fruité by VictorJardel, Eddy Loukil, Ghayth Chegaar Jardel

Badge finalist Finalist for The Film Skillet Winter 2012/2013 Animation Contest in Animaton - 3D

Bold is a character with an atypical physic. He is way more taller than his peers, and very brutal in spite of himself. Which led him to be rejected by everyone. Dirt, is just the opposite, it’s a bum small and sickly, constantly struggling for survival. Bold is going to offer a fruit to Dirt, by kindness, but he will obviously take fright. What follows is a chase between the two characters, in a fantastic universe. Until the final ending.

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John Cullinan almost 6 years ago

This was wonderful! Great pacing, and soundtrack work...whimsical, yet mildly dark! :)