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Michael Pollan's Food Rules by Benoit Detalle

Badge finalist Finalist for The Film Skillet Winter 2012/2013 Animation Contest in Animation - Stop Motion

"A short stop-motion film that playfully animates seeds, veggies, cookies and popcorn to the wise and simple words of award-winning author, journalist and food activist Michael Pollan, "Michael Pollan's Food Rules" illustrates with surprising clarity the case for a more mindful food production industry.
Made, quite fittingly, on a kitchen table by Marija Jacimovic and Benoit Detalle, it won the 2012 RSA/Nominet Trust Film Competition and has since been screened at festivals worldwide. Illustrating the importance of healthy eating and the heath of our planet, it acts like an appetizer to anyone willing to become more mindful of the food they eat."

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Amanda Milbrodt almost 6 years ago

Promote more of this educational material.


D. Inman-Zadeh about 6 years ago

Job well done, taking an important and somewhat complex subject matter and breaking it down in to small pictorial sections. That makes this information available for many to understand.