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Destiny by Bellecour Ecole

Badge finalist Finalist for The Film Skillet Winter 2012/2013 Animation Contest in Animaton - 3D

On his way to work, a man gets hit by a bus. He is condemned to relive his morning loop until he succeeds to avoid the accident.

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Zach Hyman about 5 years ago

Amazing. I like the meaning behind the story


Fred Valencia almost 6 years ago

A Funny, tripped out, joy ride!

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Devon Kreider almost 6 years ago

Absolutely wonderful animation! Enjoyed the storyline very much. My favorite part was when the character stopped to notice the sun rays. It seemed like because he was out of sync with his normal routine he was able to take notice of something simple and beautiful. :)

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Jon Vavera almost 6 years ago

FANTASTIC!!!! This is my favorite short I watched on here so far. The animation was done very well, and the story has a very interesting take on time and destiny. Watched with my 16 month old son and I realize he doesnt follow the story but it kept his attention visually. Very impressed can't wait to see more of your work Mr. Benois.


Justin Bellvia almost 6 years ago

I loved this animation! Great story and a great way to show action. Be Here Now people!

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Thomas Ortiz almost 6 years ago

One of the best animations I have seen in a good while, not to abstract, and it brings the point across nicely. It's good to see animations like this to help you see what it means to tell a story.

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ALLIGNÉ Maryse about 6 years ago

Bravo in the 4 of the Destiny Team. I know well one of you, of course it's my son ! You gave life to some ideas of Einstein and revisited the theme with your movie. With the poetry in more. I adore.