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SEEKING CLOSURE tells the story of the Chang family fight for the truth and justice of their beloved son & brother, Richard Chang, who was found dead allegedly of a fall from the fifth floor of Abbey National Bank headquarters in London.

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Djonnychen dop

Djonny Chen over 6 years ago

Many thanks Dean for the comments, really appreciate it. I agree totally with your take on the issue. Ultimately what's the family after is not revenge, but the truth so that justice can prevail and they can move on. There's been a lot of cover up and mishandling involving some big names. Beside that, access to some documents and information has been restricted or blocked. I believe one of this would be the relevant CCTV camera on the 5th floor. I have been given the ground floor CCTV footage which is very distressing to see hence I didn't put in the documentary. I will pass your comments and input to the family, thanks again.


Dean Wells over 6 years ago

Nicely filmed and edited.

When ever a case is clear cut, all questions are answered and the truth is revealed. When ever there's a case that's not quite right, the questions remain untouched and that's when you know that something is wrong.

Is it possible for you to contact the company who originally installed the cameras at the Abby National Head Office to see if they were contracted a job to remove them from the relevant floor that Richard allegedly fell from?

Failing that...

Sometimes you need to look for answers from those who operate on a higher level.