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The Boss by Alex Emslie

Badge finalist Finalist for Summer 2012 International Film Contest in Comedy

Martial arts meets stationary cupboard in this all action all in camera mini epic.

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Roland Del Mar about 5 years ago

So Entertaining!


Zachary Rudd about 6 years ago

That was fantastic! Thanks for sharing!


arn cruz about 6 years ago

amazing.. ..

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Anthony Kozlowski about 6 years ago

I wish this happened in my office.

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JR Lipartito about 6 years ago

Excellent, fun film! I love the visual homage to Japanese anime.

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Alex Emslie about 6 years ago

Hey Umer,

The film was edited and graded in final cut pro - nice and simple . . .

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umer hayat about 6 years ago

on which software u edited ur film plz tell me its awsme

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Julie Robinson about 6 years ago

Cool film, nicely executed. Loved the blood effects!

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AY DeGuzman about 6 years ago

I like the power of paperclips;-) I enjoyed your film!