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Ombre by Alberto Meroni

In the near future, young Gaia's dreams are shattered by the evil people who populate the city. Her grandfather tries to distract her by using her imagination. He creates for her a fantastic place to hide from reality, a reality in which the oil reserves are almost finished and in which plastic has become a valuable material.

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Devon Kreider almost 6 years ago

I really liked the story being told here. It was so refreshing and beautiful and had a nice contrast to what was happening around the main story.

That being said, I think that the context in which the story was being told could have been set up better. It was clear that something was going on that was frightening and apocalyptic-like, but I thin you could have provided some clues so that the viewer didn't feel lost.

I didn't love the ending that panned out through the city just because I didn't think the city had the same feel as the rest of the movie. It was animated and the rest of the movie wasn't. But I did like to rise above the clouds. It was a nice touch that complimented the theme of your story. :)

Really nice job!

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Sean Jackson almost 6 years ago

the beginning - wired set up; did not covey setting well. I was lost until the dialogue.

Candle - just a picky thing; the sound of blowing out the candle sounded too real, as though the actor had blown directly into the mic on set and that was the sound used. I believe the sound could have been recorded separately and mixed in to make the sound more believable and less like a mistake, which takes the watcher out of the film.

ambiant noise - too much or loud; it covers the entire film and there are three different general moods to them. though they were properly placed, I believe more variation could have been used to help make the film feel less like one note throughout.

variation in sound and feel
-especially during...
-drawing sequence
-intro to "magic sequence" (possibly)

Could have done without the "city" animation -- or -- could have rolled credits in a different way; it did not feel like it added to the feel of the film. More so, it took me away because it look very animated and there had not been any animation earlier in the film.

I love the plot and the script. The story and the sentiment is truly beautiful. That being said, I feel that the director could have empowered the script better by changing/modifying/"better illustrating" the crisis of the film. The cut scenes of the "troopers" coupled with the ambient underscoring (which, because we weren't listening to it, sounded exactly the same throughout large sections), did not fully convey that this world was different; forcing the watcher to only imagine from the dialogue.

Though, I believe there could have been more to this film outside of the house, the cinematography within the house was beautiful. It was very fluid and consistent. The colours did not change much but the colours that were chosen set a great tone for the film.

Phenomenal acting
Great script
Good Film
Room for improvement (ambiance and setting)