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The Blacksmith by Blake Hannahson

Badge finalist Finalist for The Film Skillet 2013 Documentary Film Contest in Documentary

'The Blacksmith' is a short documentary about Ken Robertson, a modern-day blacksmith. In the early days, the blacksmith was a staple in any town. Now a days, it has become difficult to succeed as a blacksmith, but Ken has adapted by creating a business catering to those who want specialized gates and fences. He enjoys the craft in his blacksmith shop, where he creates one of a kind artistic iron works. The documentary follows Ken while he creates an axe in his shop while he helps us to learn more about the art and skill of working with iron.

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Racquel Ruvalcaba about 5 years ago

Wonderful cinematography! Your camera caught his beautiful work of art. It's refreshing to see this blacksmith as a main subject and think about the beauty of working with your hands. Great job.

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Rick Cortright over 5 years ago

Inspiring. Glad to see this. Keep up the good work, Ken.

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David H over 5 years ago

great cinematography and perspective into the blacksmith trade