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The Tradesmen: Making an Art of Work by Richard Yeagley

In large cities and small towns all across America, we hear almost daily how blue-collar workers are losing jobs, whether to outsourcing or our thow-away mentality. What does this change mean to American society as a whole and to the life of individual Americans?

The Tradesmen: Making an Art of Work is a one hour documentary that takes a timely, real and unflinching look at the lives and work of American tradesmen. Exploring socioeconomic aspects related to the modern blue-collar craftsman, viewers watch the vocational lives of several tradesmen and see issues encountered by the trades in contemporary America.

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Donna Begay almost 6 years ago

Very good documentary film of the blue collar workers and their important role and contributions to our world. Be it a large or small community, the blue collar skills are a necessity and this film really provides a very true perspective. My father was a railroad labor worker for Western and Union Pacific railroads for over 40 years. So, this film certainly aligns with the values instilled in me by my father's work ethics. Great documentary.