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Lovebound: Love Abounds by Ryan McDuffie

Action! Betrayal! Therapy! Heartbroken naif Henry Stain is about to see it all.

This film was inspired by the following user-submitted constraints:
• Somebody must solve a mystery that nobody else cares about.
• A character must say the line: "I'm pretty sure that is going to mess everything up..."
• No one can die.
• One character must always have a song stuck in their head, but not quite know what it is...
• One character must be a sex therapist.
• At least one full minute of the film must not include any dialogue.
• One actor must be cast for a character of the opposite sex.

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Bryan Butt over 5 years ago

A very entertaining film throughout. Has a three-stooges feel to the action and blocking sequences. Several unexpected elements of comedy make the continuity of humor come full circle. The technical aspect of the picture seems crude at times, but this was obviously executed purposefully to fit the type of film genre and audience it's appealing to.


patrick norris almost 6 years ago

Love this film!!!

Sk 2012

Stephen Krystek almost 6 years ago

Great job! I really enjoyed this film


D. Inman-Zadeh about 6 years ago

Good story, meets all the listed constraints, creative and with unexpected scenes. I like the consistency of Henry's modes of travel. The cast was well chosen and played their characters well. I love, romantic comedy, there many more things I can say about this; however, I do not what to spoil for anyone else.